​​​​​​​Ponies are like chocolates – you can’t have just one

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  • Upon arrival, you will have to sign a disclaimer.
  • A non-refundable £50 deposit is required on booking with the balance payable either on or prior to the event.
  • Also we need to add that sensible footwear must be worn at all times for all activities with the ponies – ie no open-toed sandals and flip flops etc
  • Where possible, long sleeve tops should be worn when riding
  • Whilst we take every care to ensure the safety of your child and other party members, please remember that ponies can be unpredictable at times and as such accidents can happen.
  • Ollie and Friends accept no responsibility for this and children ride at their own risk.
  • We also do not accept liability for any damage to your property – eg hoof prints on your lawn or any breakages.
  • Due to health and safety reasons height and weight restrictions do apply for those wishing to take part in any of the riding activities.